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Student Research Workshop

19 September 2012

Conference room

The UP MS is pleased to announce the First Student Research Workshop taking place on 26-27 September 2012.

The workshop provides an excellent venue for student researchers to learn about the possibilities provided by our institutes and clinics.

September 26, 14.00-18.00
Venue: Dean's Conference room, 1st floor


14.00    Prof. Dr. Miseta, Attila
14.10.   Dr. Balogh, Péter
14.20    Maróti, Péter
14.25    Prof. Dr. Bogár, Lajos
14.50    Prof. Dr. Ertl, Tibor
15.15    Prof. Dr. Pintér, András
15.45    Prof. Dr. Koller, Ákos
16.10    dr. Rostás, Ildikó
16.25    dr. Vámos, Zoltán
16.40    dr. Sarlós, Donat Peter
16.55    dr. Váncsodi, Jozsef
17.15    George Hayek

September 27, 12.00-17.00
Venue: Dr. Romhányi György Aula