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General Medicine Days/ Környey Days

13 November 2012

Upon the success of the Dentistry Days, we have decided to organize also General Medicine Days. The aim of the three- day -long event is to present the latest results of General Medicine and to strengthen the bond between students and professors via cultural programs. Well- known teachers and respected professors will do the honours of presenting the latest research and results to the students. We tried to make the event as colourful and variable as possible. Parallel to the academic results we offer cultural programs, the usual film club and concerts to entertain the crowd.
The program series - which carries the name of Környey István - will be hosted on the 2nd floor of the Medical School, on November 13-14-15.
Absence from classes starting at or after 4 p.m. is certified if the student participates in the events of the Környei-Days. Participation is justified with seals at the venues.

Everyone is very welcome to join!

Please see the detailed programme attached.