The menu item collects changes and regulations related to the pandemic in connection with education for students.


9 december, 2020

Dean’s Message - exam period

19 November, 2020

Announcements regarding the exam period for students - FALL semester of the academic year 2020/2021

11 November, 2020

Information for students - 11 November

1 september, 2020

Information for students on the commencement of the academic year 2020/2021

With regard to the mostly practical nature of the education the attendance of classes shall happen decisively with personal presence. Taken into consideration the current and future epidemiological measures and a possible state of emergency the Faculty plans to implement a hybrid educational modell according to the following.

31 AUGUST, 2020

Joint Order No. 14/2020 of the Rector and the Chancellor

on the order of entering the premises of the university and the hygienic rules applicable during the epidemiological preparedness

18 August, 2020

2020/2021. semester start - information

Information from the Registrar’s Office on the most important dates and information regarding the fall semester of the 2020/2021 academic year for first year and senior students

24 July, 2020

Key information and deadlines for the exam period in August

22 MAY, 2020

Information regarding international exchange mobilities for incoming students

19 MAY, 2020

"The coronavirus situation has generated a much greater cohesion between us"

12 MAY, 2020

Recommendation on distance, digital examinationsfor students at the UP MS

Last updated: May 21, 2020

08 MAY, 2020

Information regarding the starting of the rotational year and the ending of the rotational year

"Every colleague has tried their best"

07 May, 2020

Rector’s Order 5/2020 on the most important provisions ruling the order of students visiting University permises

I would like to inform you about the Rector’s Order no. 5/2020 on most important  provisions ruling the order of  students visiting University permises ,  effective as of 8th May 2020.

28 April, 2020

Exam registration - information of the Registrar's Office to the students

The Registrar's Office published statements about the exam registration period of the spring semester, about possible problems and about cheating on examinations.

30 MARCH, 2020

A letter of appreciation from the Dean's Leadership to the instructors involved in distance education

21 MARCH, 2020

Medical School – frequently asked questions, education and schedule of academic year

20 MARCH, 2020

Distance education from March 23

Information for students - Remote education at the UP

10 March, 2020

Student attendance in classes