UP press release on coronavirus measures

UP press release on coronavirus measures

The University of Pécs is committed to the health and safety of the university citizens and the population. Accordingly, they continuously monitor international and national professional recommendations on the coronavirus and consult with the competent authorities. In addition, the UP has set up an operational professional team with the involvement of the relevant professions, so that they can take the appropriate action quickly and efficiently.

However, it is important to emphasize that the university is not aware of any affected patients or suspicious cases. The UP shall continue to act with the utmost care and in accordance with the professional guidance of the competent authorities.

The university contacted all Chinese students electronically. The preliminary internal survey showed that most students are definitely not affected, as they either stayed in Hungary during the exam period or did not leave Europe after the exam period even if they travelled.

Students who travelled to China during the break will, upon their return, complete a questionnaire prepared by the authority for this purpose in accordance with the protocol of the National Center for Public Health. After evaluating these, the UP Clinical Center will be able to conduct further examinations immediately if necessary. If any of the students who returned home from China had symptoms of the disease, they would also be able to ensure the patient's isolation at the Department of Emergency Medicine and to arrange the patient’s care safely in accordance with the protocol.

The UP places great emphasis on prevention: they call attention to it in Hungarian, English and Chinese in public spaces and place hand disinfectants on the campus, while in the restrooms they provide information on proper hand washing and hygienic hand disinfection according to WHO guidelines.