Virologists from Pécs on the prevention of the coronavirus

Virologists from Pécs on the prevention of the coronavirus

According to virologists from Pécs, it is time for people to be prepared for the possible appearance of the coronavirus in Hungary. There are several tips on what people should pay attention to and how to avoid the risk of infection. It has also been pointed out that not all face masks provide adequate protection, moreover, if healthy people buy the masks in a huge amount, there will not be enough masks for healthcare workers and patients.

An entry was posted on the Virology Pécs Facebook page (managed by the Virology Research Group of the University of Pécs Szentágothai Research Center), which gives people tips on how to avoid the infection in connection with the coronavirus started out from China (2019-nCOV). This is understandable in the light of the fact that last week in Northern Italy, seven people died as a result of the virus, a group of Hungarian students who returned from this area have been quarantined and a Hungarian person has also been quarantined in Japan. As the virus has spread to several centres of infection outside of China, the authors say there is a need for the widest possible publicity about active defence methods.

Part of active defence is to avoid the crowd, if possible. If not, wear an N95 or FFP2 / FFP3 mask with glasses, wash hands regularly (supplemented with hand sanitizer), avoid touching your face, and avoid chewing on objects and tools. In addition, it is important to change our greeting habits: avoid handshakes, unnecessary kisses, and obey official warnings and instructions.

What everyone is advised to do: learn to prepare. Consciously, reminding yourself and others constantly to wash hands several times a day, use hand sanitizer. We should practice consciously not to touch our face, think about the active defences mentioned above and pay attention to them.

The purpose of this post is to initiate proper communication because from a professional point of view there is a greater chance of a pandemic than ever before.

According to the former national chief medical officer, the coronavirus cannot be prevented from reaching Hungary. Dr. Ferenc Falus also talked about the fact that there may be people who have fallen ill at home but not so seriously that they have been hospitalized.

"It is problematic if you can no longer trace who the source of the infection is and he or she infects others, or if there are ill people in Eastern and Western Hungary at the same time," he told