National visiting ban

The National Chief Medical Officer has ordered a visiting ban to all inpatient care institutions and social institutions with residential service because of the new coronavirus - the National Center for Public Health told MTI on Sunday.

The ban is effective from 8 March until further notice. According to the announcement, Cecília Müller says in the explanation of her resolution: based on the epidemiological data available so far, the serious form of the disease primarily affects the elderly and/or people suffering from other diseases. The infection is able to spread rapidly in closed communities and institutions and it can cause serious and potentially fatal diseases in a large number. The action was needed to protect the lives and health of those in need of special protection and to prevent them from getting infected.

The visiting ban does not affect cases of particular appreciation, such as saying goodbye to terminally ill patients. However, in such cases, the service provider is obliged to provide visitors with appropriate protective clothing - said the National Center for Public Health.