The rules of travel

Dear Students,

The clear and strong recommendation of the UPMS is not to travel abroad in the upcoming weeks!

Flights and airports are probably the most dangerous places to go at the moment (confined places, huge number of people). For this and other reasons we highly recommend not to travel back to your home country or any other places! Not even during your free time. If you still decide to travel we cannot guarantee that you can come back to Hungary and progress with your studies appropriately! And even if you will manage to return back to Hungary you will have to follow the regulations valid at the time regarding self-isolation/quarantine. The corresponding regulations are present and will be updated regularly on our website.

We suggest that you use the time during this period for learning, education purposes and further training. For the upcoming period - following the one-week spring break - a distance learning system will be established and communicated amongst the students in appropriate time.

Remember, that those who already went abroad and returning back are obliged to inform the UPMS, stay at home, call the corresponding hotline (+36 30 577 3764) and follow strictly the obtained instructions. They must avoid public places!

Please keep in mind that everyone is personally responsible for the compliance of the above detailed regulations, not keeping them is considered infringement and the endangerment of others.

Best Regards,

Miklós Nyitrai