Our international students are important to us, we support them all the way!

23 March 2020

Simultaneously with the spread of the virus, many of our international students - especially students from Asian areas - have been discriminated against several times. The epidemic causes increased stress for every foreign student because they worry not only about their own health, but also about the health of their families, friends and loved ones who live far away. Their anxiety is further aggravated by the question whether they should stay in Hungary or return to their home country, knowing that in such a crisis we all feel safe with our family and friends.

In this particularly difficult situation, we would like to let our students know that our School, the University of Pécs Medical School stands up for you, you are important to us because you contribute in a unique way to the life of our university and of Pécs. Without you, the University of Pécs would not be like this. We would like to thank you for choosing our university, our School, and remind you how grateful we are for this. We will continue to make sure you feel our support, and we assure you of that!


Leadership of the Medical School, Hungarian Student Council, EGSC