Recommendations under the emergency

27 March 2020

Dear Students!

The measures and recommendations under the emergency related to the COVID-19 epidemic are taken in order to minimize and control the spread of the disease. We are regretfully informed about multiple cases of student gatherings disregarding advice on social distancing, hence risking further transmission of the infection.

The government of Hungary introduced curfew starting from the 28th of March until the 11th of April. Accordingly citizens are not allowed to leave their residences, except in specially justified cases, such as going to work or in order to meet basic needs via visiting grocery stores, pharmacies, markets, etc. Keeping one and a half meters of distance is obligatory. Elderly people are allowed to visit stores, pharmacies and markets only between 9 a.m. and 12 p.m. During this period no one under 65 years of age are allowed to do so.

We as young intellectuals have to grow up to the responsibility, of which measures to fight the spread of the disease weigh on us. Based on our present knowledge, COVID-19 cause milder symptoms – not always though - at a young age, but we cannot risk the health of those living in our environment, so we ask all of you, to treat the situation with due seriousness and do everything in your disposal to soften and possibly prevent the effects of the epidemic.

We urge you to follow the instructions and guidelines below:

  • It is allowed to visit supermarkets, stores and non-crowded outdoor areas, but right now, staying home is the best way to lower infection rates.
  • When shopping necessities please do wear protective clothing (mask, gloves). Pay by card or by phone! Keep distance from neighbors.
  • Do not party! While talking to our friends, it is advised to keep an appropriate distance as well. Now is not the time for social gatherings.
  • Avoid public transportation as much as you can, but if there is no other choice, then we suggest to use hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes before, during and after travelling.
  • At workplace – if home office isn’t feasible – avoid physical contact with colleagues and wash hands regularly!
  • Only visit healthcare professionals in urgent cases, otherwise make contact via telephone.
  • Concerning fitness, home exercises are advised, but with appropriate distancing, some individual sports can be practiced outdoors as well.
  • Personal family or friend visits are not recommended regardless of age, since anyone can be contagious without serious symptoms.

As the students of the University of Pécs, we respectfully ask you to comply with legislation, precautionary measures and suggestions in your day to day life, since it is our collective interest and responsibility to reduce the spread of COVID-19, to protect our environment and our loved ones as well!

Thanks and regards,

Student Council of the University of Pécs