A letter of appreciation from the Dean's Leadership to the instructors involved in distance education

30 March 2020

Dear Colleagues,

We receive a lot of positive feedback from students in connection with distance education. Thank you for this!

In the next two weeks, we need to take our education system one step further. We have to determine what can be completed in the case of each subject and which elements cannot (e.g. a part of the practices) in the currently available online system. In all cases, the course director will have the opportunity to decide. It will also be important to think about and determine the type, schedule and possibilities of the exams. We are going to contact the course directors soon in connection with all this.

We are developing a central system for the digital materials, which is going to be easily accessible and organized for students and instructors (PotePedia). The solutions we choose will be published following the ongoing consultations. The learning materials we have just created can be of great importance even when our education returns to its normal course.

We expect your commitment, your creativity in the future as well.


Take care of each other!

Dean’s Leadership