Rector’s Order 5/2020 on the most important provisions ruling the order of students visiting University permises

Dear Students!

I would like to inform you about the Rector’s Order no. 5/2020 on most important  provisions ruling the order of  students visiting University permises ,  effective as of 8th May 2020.

Rules of visiting University permises:

  • According to the Rector’s Order, students may enter the permises of the University, however taking notice of the current emergency situation, the restrictions on curfew concerning the capital city of Budapest and Pest county, the legal regulations on travelling into Hungary and also the restricted  possibilites of using  dormitories – as a main rule – until further notice entering the University permises are prohibited for students.
  • Until further instruction, organizing University events are prohibited.
  • Students of the final year taking final examinations, may enter the permises by keeping in order of the strict provisions of safety.

Regulations concerning education and examinations:

  • The Faculty provides digital distance education and examinations based on the special provisions of Annex 16. of the Code of Studies and examinations.

Exceptions pertinent of visiting University permises:

  • Members of the leadership of the Uiversity Student Council and the presidents and vice presidents of the Faculty Student Councils may enter the permises of the University in order of more effective representation of advocacy.
  • Students completing volunteer work may enter and stay on University permises in the time period of the volunteer activity.
  • In order to complete language exams organized by the University, during the period of completion, staying on University permises is allowed.
  • Students of the University may stay on permises in extent of operation of the Janus University Theatre.
  • University permises may be visited by students in accordance of Government decree no. 170/2020. (IV.30.) on sport events and trainings.

Provisions concerning services:

  • Administration concerning educational matters still occurs online excluding those cases, where students may fullfill payment obligations as established in the Code of Charges and Benefits in the appointed cashiers of the University.
  • After the opening of University libraries, in order to use services of the University Library and Tudásközpont (Science Center and University Library), visiting permises is allowed according to the special provisions of the Rules and Procedures exclusively determined on this matter.

Adherence of hygiene rules:

  • During staying on University permises all individuals are obligated to minimalise social contatcs, keep a distance of at least 1,5 meters away from eachother to be safe and to wear cover of their nose and mouth.( for example: medical face mask, scarf, shawl.)
  • In educational matters demanding presence, it has to be ensured all along that personal contact is not required.
  • Everyone is obligated to keep those increased sanitational rules.