There has been an increase in the number of virus and epidemic deniers as well as vaccine opponents

Dr. Ferenc Jakab, the head of the virology laboratory at the University of Pécs Szentágothai Research Center considers it dangerous that the number of virus and epidemic deniers and vaccine opponents in Hungary has increased - the article of published it on 30 August.

In the interview, the virologist said it is unfortunate that many people do not take mask use and physical distancing seriously, they find precautions unnecessary, and prefer to believe those who think it is only scaremongering, there is no real epidemic.

Respiratory infections can have serious consequences as the number of epidemic deniers is increasing because it is enough if an “infected person who thinks he or she is better informed than the professionals” gets on the bus and sneezes - he emphasized and added that the strengthening of the opposition to vaccination may prevent curbing the epidemic.

Without vaccines, hundreds of thousands of people would still be suffering from polio, another hundreds of thousands of lives would be claimed by smallpox or measles - he said, stressing that if the opposition to vaccination increases, it will be a serious threat to the entire population and not only because of the spread of the coronavirus.

Dr. Ferenc Jakab also talked about the fact that 139 vaccine development projects are currently being carried out worldwide, 28 of which are already in clinical trials, in the case of 6 vaccines the last human tests are ongoing. It will take longer to fully evaluate these but the first results will be available by the end of this year, early next year, based on which the vaccine can be approved, mass production can begin, and perhaps the use of the vaccines can begin in the first half of next year. He added that this will be a very important step because vaccination remains the only real solution to curb the epidemic.