Thank you letter to the volunteer students

Thank you letter to the volunteer students

Dear Students!

Our university has a long-standing tradition of student volunteering. This attitude of our medical and healthcare students provides considerable support to the health services during the COVID-19 pandemic, but it is also proof and a positive message of commitment of our students to society. You are much needed now not only in the tasks of the UP Clinical Centre and National Ambulance Service but in other areas as well. Those who chose our courses have followed a calling that puts the service of society and patients first. You have understood this perfectly and have made your decisions accordingly. Hundreds of medical and health science students have served their country and its population in the past weeks, for which we are grateful and applaud you. What you are now doing as volunteers for our ill citizens will be an eternal memory for you; and all patients, their families and our colleagues will remember you too.

We want to thank all of you for this!

Unfortunately, it seems that the pandemic will burden us with special tasks for the coming long weeks as well. Therefore, it is vital that your previous activity and commitment continues to be a stable support of healthcare in the following days and months. We are counting on you and we have trust in you! Keep being committed, brave, prepared and take your part in this unusual and serious shared task!

We are proud of you! You are proving with your commitment and participation that you are among the best.


With regards,


Pongrác Ács                                                                          Lajos Botz

Faculty of Health Sciences                                                 Faculty of Pharmacy Dean

vice-Dean for General and Strategic Affairs


                                                           Miklós Nyitrai

                                                           Medical School Dean