Mental health challenges - Health Psychology Counselling

Dear Students,

concerning the mental health challenges questions appeared in the recent Q&A discussion with the Leadership of the Faculty, we would like to give the following information:

Health Psychology Counselling is considered an invaluable service within the University of Pécs, Medical School. Its primary objective is to provide students with professional, discreet and responsive counselling. The service is intended to offer counselling to students enrolled in the Hungarian, English and German programs and seeks to render professional assistance to students struggling with a plethora of challenges and difficulties evolving from potential changes and upheavals in their personal life and studies. Our service can help students seeking professional aid who express control of their routine lifestyle yet are facing with temporary obstacles and seemingly they are not best equipped to solve them on their own initiative. The service is free of charge and guarantees complete discretion.

We would like to inform you that Medical School’s Health Psychology Counselling service is continuously available as online distance service. The psychological support is provided in virtual space, via online channels, like Skype or similar connections. Online counselling has a special character compared to in-person encounters. Be aware that it may affect the efficacy and understanding of emotional and verbal communication. Beyond the usual areas of support, attention will also be paid to psychological consequences of staying home or quarantine, having positive COVID-tests, or showing somatic symptoms of COVID-19 infection.

Due to the conditions of these new technologies in counselling, a longer time may occur until making an appointment. Please, be aware that Health Psychology Counselling does not provide urgent and emergency service.

Further information can be found on our website:

If you want to apply for an appointment do not hesitate to write an email to Health Psychology Counselling (


Best Regards,


Tamás Tényi

Vice-Dean for General Affairs, Student Welfare and International Relations