Mask Use Mandatory from Tuesday!

2 November 2021

PTE Operative Crew Resolution 2/2021 (29 October) on the mask mandate (adopted electronically)

  1. In light of the epidemiological situation, the PTE Operative Crew outlines a mask mandate at the University of Pécs effective from 2 November 2021 as follows.
  2. Wearing a surgical mask (medical facemask), textile mask, or other PPE mask (hereinafter collectively: mask) covering the nose and the face is required on all the premises of the university, inside buildings (including but not limited to classrooms, community areas, corridors, dormitory community areas, administrative areas and offices).
  3. Wearing a facemask is required at every event or meeting held inside.
  4. Exceptions from the mask mandate:
  5. The person holding the in-class lecture;
  6. In the sports facilities and in PE or sports classes, the person actively participating in physical activity;
  7. University staff, if alone in the office;
  8. Students in their own dormitory rooms.
  9. Wearing a mask on the premises of the Clinical Centre is governed by the relevant legislation and internal instructions and may be subject to more stringent requirements than those generally applicable.
  10. This Resolution does not cover the public schools managed by the University where the sectoral guidelines issued by the Ministry shall apply.
  11. The PTE Operative Crew Resolution 2/2021 (9 September) shall lose effect on 2 November 2021.
  12. The necessary amendments shall be made to the relevant internal regulations (Entrance Order 20/2020, Epidemic Safety Guidelines).


Dr József Betlehem

Vice Rector for General Affairs, Connections and Strategic Affairs

PTE Operative Crew Chief


(Disclaimer: Please note that this document is solely a translation of the official Hungarian text. In case of any doubt, the Hungarian text has authority.)