URS Scholarship 2022

26 September 2022

Dear URS Students,

The leadership of the Undergraduate Research Society of UPMS is announcing the 2022/2023 I. semester URS Scholarship.

You can choose the categories you would like to get points for, by filling out the enclosed table.

For the activities we would like to ask for certifications as well:

  •  Demonstrators work – Certifications by the Circle of Demonstrators
  • Organizing work – Certifications by the association of the event
  • Average of studies – Registars Office
  • College for advanced studies (e.g. Romhányi) – Certification by the leadership
  • Language skill – Copy of the Language exam certification
  • Conference – Certification by the organizing association
  • Dean’s Competition – Certification by the Dean’s Office
  • Publications – Copy of the publication with journal title, issue, page

Please send the application to pteaoktdk@gmail.com . We only accept DIGITAL copy of the application.

Deadline: 30th of November, 2022 (Wednesday) midnight