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Physics-Biophysics 1 - Theory

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Official data in SubjectManager for the following academic year: 2020-2021

Course director

Dr. András Szilárd LUKÁCS (, associate professor

Department of Biophysics

Subject data

Code of subject: OPO-Z1E-T  |  2 credit  |  Pharmacy |  Med.-biol. theoretical module and practical skills module  |  autumn

Prerequisites: OPO-Z1G-T parallel

Exam course: yes

Number of hours/semester

28 lectures + 0 practices + 0 seminars = total of 28 hours

Course headcount limitations

min. 5 – max. 100 person


The course addresses the physical basis of the structure and function of biological systems. The main topics include atomic and nuclear physics, thermodynamics, transport processes, molecular and supramolecular systems, bioelectric phenomena, and biological motion.


  • 1. Introduction - Dr. Lukács András Szilárd
  • 2. Gas laws - Dr. Lukács András Szilárd
  • 3. Kinetic theory of gases - Leipoldne Víg Andrea Teréz
  • 4. Work: internal energy of a gas, definition of work and heat. - Leipoldne Víg Andrea Teréz
  • 5. Specific heat: relationship between heat and specific heat. The basics of calorimetry - Leipoldne Víg Andrea Teréz
  • 6. Enthalpy: definition of enthalpy, enthalpy at constant pressure. - Leipoldne Víg Andrea Teréz
  • 7. Entropy: classical approach of entropy.Statistical approach of entropy - Dr. Lukács András Szilárd
  • 8. 2nd law of thermodynamics - Dr. Lukács András Szilárd
  • 9. Gibbs free energy - Dr. Lukács András Szilárd
  • 10. Energetics of metabolism: the pathways of metabolism,connection to free energy - Dr. Bódis Emőke
  • 11. Protein structure, thermodynamics of folding - Dr. Lukács András Szilárd
  • 12. Cytoskeletal proteins - Huberné Barkó Szilvia
  • 13. Motor proteins - Huberné Barkó Szilvia
  • 14. Fluid flow - Dr. Huber Tamás
  • 15. Diffusion, osmosis - Dr. Huber Tamás
  • 16. Membrane structure - Dr. Ujfalusi Zoltán
  • 17. Membrane transport - Dr. Ujfalusi Zoltán
  • 18. Oscillatory motion - Dr. Ujfalusi Zoltán
  • 19. Waves: types and properties of waves. Interference, diffraction, standing waves - Dr. Ujfalusi Zoltán
  • 20. Electromagnetic waves - Dr. Ujfalusi Zoltán
  • 21. X-ray: generation and types of X-rays - Leipoldne Víg Andrea Teréz
  • 22. X-ray diffraction - Leipoldne Víg Andrea Teréz
  • 23. Biophysics of vision - Dr. Kengyel András Miklós
  • 24. Biophysics of hearing - Dr. Kengyel András Miklós
  • 25. Introduction to atomic physics - Dr. Szabó-Meleg Edina
  • 26. Atomic models - Dr. Szabó-Meleg Edina
  • 27. Photoelectric effect, Frank-Herz experiment - Dr. Szabó-Meleg Edina
  • 28. Introduction to quantum mechanics - Dr. Lukács András Szilárd



Reading material

Obligatory literature

Literature developed by the Department

Handouts and other online materials can be found on the departmental website (


Recommended literature

Damjanovich Sándor, Fidy Judit, Szöllősi János (eds.): Medical Biophysics, Medicina, Budapest, 2009

Conditions for acceptance of the semester

Maximum of 25 % absence allowed

Mid-term exams

During the semester the student will have to write two tests on the 6th and 13th week, Based on the results those students who achieved grade 4 or 5 can keep the obtained grade as an exam grade. In order to be eligible for the exam the students have to achieve a satisfacatory grade.

Making up for missed classes

Missed practices can be made up during make-up opportunities provided by the department. During each make-up lab, only one missed practice can be executed.

Exam topics/questions

The condition of admission to the exam is the successful completion of the practices carried out in parallel to the theory.


  • Dr. Bódis Emőke
  • Dr. Grama László
  • Dr. Huber Tamás
  • Dr. Lukács András Szilárd
  • Dr. Szabó-Meleg Edina
  • Huberné Barkó Szilvia

Instructor / tutor of practices and seminars

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