Applied Biometrics


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Number of hours/semester

lectures: 6 hours

practices: 6 hours

seminars: 0 hours

total of: 12 hours

Subject data

  • Code of subject: OSE-ABI-T
  • 1 kredit
  • Dentistry
  • Elective modul
  • both semesters

OSA-FI1-T completed

Course headcount limitations

min. 5 – max. 12

Available as Campus course for 5 fő számára. Campus-karok: ÁOK ETK GYTK TTK


Knowledge of certain statistical and biometric methods is essential for understanding the results of scientific research, designing your own research and evaluating data. The aim of this course is to extend and to improve the basic knowledge acquired in biometrics through practical examples.
Subject: To demonstrate the application of biometric methods (e.g. survival analysis, analysis of variance, regression) commonly found in the literature, using representative examples and students' own data.


  • 1. Introduction to research methodology, refresh the bio-statistical knowledge - Dr. Dergez Tímea
  • 2. Variance analysis - Borbásné Dr. Farkas Kornélia
  • 3. Regression analysis - Dr. Dergez Tímea
  • 4. Correlation analysis - Kőnigné Dr. Péter Anikó
  • 5. Survival analysis - Dr. Dergez Tímea
  • 6. Factor analysis - Dr. Makszin Lilla


  • 1. Refresh the bio-statistical knowledge using the SPSS, exercises
  • 2. Variance analysis, post-hoc tests
  • 3. Linear and non-linear regression analysis
  • 4. Parametric and non-parametric(rank-) correlation analysis
  • 5. Survival analysis, Cox-regression analysis...
  • 6. Factor analysis


Reading material

Obligatory literature

Literature developed by the Department


Recommended literature

Andrew F. Siegel: Statistics and Data Analysis. An introduction, John Wiley & Sons, 1988
Douglas G. Altman: Practical Statistics for Medical Research, Chapman & Hall, 1994
P. Armitage and G. Berry: Statistical Methods in Medical Research, Blackwell Science, 1994
Robert R. Sokal / F. James Rohlf: Biometry, W. H. Freeman and Company, New York, 1981

Conditions for acceptance of the semester

The assessment is in the form of a practical example. It is a necessary to understand the methods and examples presented in the lectures and to know the main criteria for their application.

Mid-term exams

Short presentation(s) on the classes by the students

Making up for missed classes


Exam topics/questions

Short presentation


Instructor / tutor of practices and seminars

  • Borbásné Dr. Farkas Kornélia
  • Dr. Dergez Tímea
  • Dr. Makszin Lilla
  • Kőnigné Dr. Péter Anikó