Introduction to Thesis Writing and Scientific Databases


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lectures: 12 hours

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total of: 12 hours

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  • Code of subject: OAF-SIF-T
  • 1 kredit
  • General Medicine
  • Optional modul
  • both semesters


Course headcount limitations

min. 5 – max. 20

Available as Campus course for 20 fő számára. Campus-karok: ÁOK TTK


The application of scientific literature during research and thesis writing is a basis of successful scientific work. The search methods and the handling of database sources in the internet (PubMed, Web of Science) are discussed. Structure of scientific publications, interpretation of scientific literature, automatic construction of a reference list. After completing the course, students will have the appropriate knowledge to plan scientific work and acquire knowledge in writing a thesis.


  • 1. Introduction to scientific databases - Dr. Kilár Anikó Gyöngyvér
  • 2. How does a scientific work look like? Basis of writing a scientific publication - Dr. Kilár Anikó Gyöngyvér
  • 3. How does a scientific work look like? Basis of writing a scientific publication - Dr. Kilár Anikó Gyöngyvér
  • 4. PubMed - Dr. Kilár Anikó Gyöngyvér
  • 5. Science Direct database - Dr. Kilár Anikó Gyöngyvér
  • 6. Web of Science database - Dr. Kilár Anikó Gyöngyvér
  • 7. Scopus database - Dr. Kilár Anikó Gyöngyvér
  • 8. EndNote Online database - Dr. Kilár Anikó Gyöngyvér
  • 9. EndNote Online database. Export and import of references. - Dr. Kilár Anikó Gyöngyvér
  • 10. EndNote Online database. Formats of a reference list. - Dr. Kilár Anikó Gyöngyvér
  • 11. Preparation of a reference list - Dr. Kilár Anikó Gyöngyvér
  • 12. Exam - Dr. Kilár Anikó Gyöngyvér



Reading material

Obligatory literature

Literature developed by the Department


Recommended literature

Gábor Tigyi: Scientific writing for publications
Anthony Newman: How to write great papers and get published

Conditions for acceptance of the semester

Maximum of 25 % absence allowed

Mid-term exams

Practice exercises will be reviewed and solved together during the lessons.

Making up for missed classes

There will be possibility to retake the class in case of absence.

Exam topics/questions

Construction of a reference list in a sample manuscript with the use of scientific literaure search.


Instructor / tutor of practices and seminars