Pharmaceutical Technology of Modified Drug Release


Official data in SubjectManager for the following academic year: 2023-2024

Course director

  • Dr. Szilárd PÁL

    assistant professor,
    Institute of Pharmaceutical Technology and Biopharmacy

Number of hours/semester

lectures: 14 hours

practices: 0 hours

seminars: 0 hours

total of: 14 hours

Subject data

  • Code of subject: OPE-MGT-T
  • 1 kredit
  • Pharmacy
  • Elective modul
  • spring

OPG-C4E-T parallel

Course headcount limitations

min. 1 – max. 50


Students can get acquainted in details with modified drug delivery technologies and special industrial drug manufacture (3D printing, manufacture of multi-layer tablets and osmotic preparations) and the importance of pharmaceutical excipients. Student will learn special manufacturing technologies through the demonstration of dosage forms already available in the pharmaceutical therapy.


  • 1. Theory of modified drug release - Dr. Pál Szilárd
  • 2. Importance of excipients, patents of excipient-compositions - Dr. Kása Péter
  • 3. Immediate drug-release (OraSolv, DuraSolv, Zydis technology) - Dr. Pál Szilárd
  • 4. Sustained drug-release: Multiparticulate dosage forms I. (sustained release pellets in practice) - Dr. Pál Szilárd
  • 5. Multiparticulate dosage forms II. (MUPS technology) - Dr. Pál Szilárd
  • 6. Matrix systems I. (hydrophilic matrices) - Dr. Pál Szilárd
  • 7. Matrix systems II. (hydrophobic matrices) - Dr. Pál Szilárd
  • 8. Osmotic technology (EOP, OROS, L-OROS, GITS) - Dr. Pál Szilárd
  • 9. Geometry based drug-release (Geomatrix, Procise, Smartrix technology) - Dr. Kása Péter
  • 10. Chronotherapeutic systems (Geoclock technology) - Dr. Pál Szilárd
  • 11. 3D printing in the field of modified drug delivery - Dr. Pál Szilárd
  • 12. Site specific drug release (gastroretentive systems, colon-specific drug delivery) - Dr. Pál Szilárd
  • 13. Halving of tablets, technology of halving-friendly tablets, concept of ,,ghost" tablets - Dr. Kása Péter
  • 14. End-year test - Dr. Pál Szilárd



Reading material

Obligatory literature

Literature developed by the Department


Recommended literature

James Swarbrick: Encyclopedia of Pharmaceutical Technology, Informa Healthcare, 2011

Conditions for acceptance of the semester

Maximum of 25 % absence allowed

Mid-term exams

During the end semester test 60 % should be reached.

Making up for missed classes

According to the Code of Studies and Examinations

Exam topics/questions


Instructor / tutor of practices and seminars

  • Dr. Kása Péter
  • Dr. Pál Szilárd