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Student Researchers' Society Topics

Co-supervisor: Ifj. Dr. KÁSA, Péter

Orodispersible tablets play a great role in life saving situations. Dissolution amd disintegration properties, their investigation and its improvement is essential for the pharmaceutical therapy. This topic aims to reveal the relationship between the manufacturing process parametrs, excipients and the dissolution of the tablets. Within the topic the student has to plan an experimental design, participates in the manufacture and carries out the measurements.

Tablet compression of plant cell containing materials makes production extremely difficult. Usually the higher the natural content in a tablet is, the harder the tablet compression can be carried out. The aim of this topic is to optimize a tablet’s ingredients by maximizing the natural content, selecting the proper excipients and match the basic criteria of tablets.

Production of food supplements is very close to operations and procedures used in pharmaceutical technology. It can be observed, that tablets and capsules containing food supplements are actually made by the same way, and using the same methods as in pharmaceutics. Aim of this topic is to focus on production and examination of solid dosage forms containing food supplements, comparing their quality to medicines of the same category, carrying out main pharmaceutical technological investigations independently from the active ingredients.

Tablet compression of herb derived materials is a great challenge, since herb derived substances and plant cells usually have highly elastic properties, which makes it extremely difficult to produce tablets with acceptable physical properties. Aim of this topic is to acquire knowledge in this field, including testing compressibility properties of various plant derived materials.