Steps of Undergraduate Research work

Steps of Undergraduate Research work

1. Select a topic

Browse the list of research topics and select the one which you find interesting. You can browse the list according to key words (e.g. infarction), departments or name of supervisors.

2. Research work

Contact your supervisor and start working on you research project.

3. Registration

If you decide to continue the research, register on the URS website and become an official URS member. In this way, your research work will be registered in your electronic grade book and together with your supervisor’s certificate it can be advantageous in scholarships and PhD admission. As a member you can attend general assemblies, where you can vote in issues regarding the operation of URS.

4. Participation at conferences

Students have the opportunity to present their research at the annual in-house conferences usually held in spring time. Students achieving the best results are entitled to attend the biannual National Undergraduate Research Conference.

5. TDK as a subject

If you are a registered member for more than six months, you are entitled to sign up for Undergraduate Research as subject and earn credit points.

6. Demonstrator’s scholarship

If, in addition to doing research, you participate in the teaching of a Deartment, you may apply for a demonstrator’s scholarship.