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Dear Visitor!

With our International Relations Committee Newsletter, we would like to provide an opportunity for the professors, students, staff members and the exchange partners of the Medical School to access first-hand information about our dynamic international partnerships, so that they can get ideas for possible further research, educational cooperation and traineeship mobilities.

We hope that our newsletter faithfully reflects diversity as an emphatic feature of our faculty contributing not only to the community of the University of Pécs, but also to the atmosphere and cultural life of the city itself.

We try to present special experiences related to our faculty, university, guest students, and international exchange programs – thus we hope to make the day of our Dear Readers a bit more cheerful.


Dr. András Büki M.D., Ph.D., D.Sc.

Chairman of the International Relations Committee

Professor and Chair - Department of Neurosurgery


Our Newsletter is issued as the International Newsletter of the Medical School and Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Pécs since December 2020.

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