• How can I be awarded my bonus?
  • Why did you select this incentive system?

In 2012 a survey was carried out on the motivation of students giving feedback. We asked what motivated students the most to fill in the questionnaire. Registering for an exam earlier was the most popular answer. After consulting with legal and educational experts the bonus system was developed and launched.

  • This is discrimination, is it not?

No, as everyone has the same chance to be awarded a bonus and nobody is deprived of any of their rights. A bonus is given to students who are willing to comply with an administrative matter. It is a bit similar to the case of those passengers holding a VIP card that entitles them to faster check-in and seating.

  • Am I obliged to fill in the questionnaires?

No. You can still register for an exam without giving feedback and you also have the chance of providing elusive replies. Eventually you can even be awarded a bonus.

  • I shall go on passive next semester, what shall I do?

Those, who go on passive the following semester, are still advised to give feedback as their bonus will be available in the following active semester.

  • I have just enrolled for the university. Am I concerned with it?

„Freshmen’s” questionnaire is available each semester for two weeks and can be filled in by the new students. Completing this survey, our newly admitted students can achieve the bonus.

  • I reapplied to the university/changed my major. Have I lost my bonus?

Yes, the bonus you were awarded during your previous student status is lost, HOWEVER, as a freshman, you have the chance to fill in the „Freshmen’s” questionnaire

  • Where shall I find the questionnaires?

1.    Questionnaires are available in the Neptun system
2.    After signing in to the Neptun system, click on the Administration, then click on the Questionnaires icon to reach the questionnaires.
3.    This will redirect you to the page where you will see the questionnaires you can fill out. You will find the questionaires under the "Questionaires to fill in" tab.
4.    Clicking on the questionnaires filling it in can start. (Attention! The questionnaire consist of several pages and needs to be completed by clicking on the „Next” icon)

  • I went offline, what shall I do?

If you abort the filling process for any reason, you may choose to restart it any time you want within the fill-out period. Please note, that each time you have to start the filling from the beginning, as the system does not store partially completed questionnaires!

  • I cannot find my questionnaires/I cannot give feedback

Contact us IMMEDIATELY! We shall do our best to solve this problem; however, we cannot accept any complaints.

  • I did not attend any lectures/practicals/had no exams. What shall I do?

We suggest that you still give feedback! You also have the chance of providing elusive replies, hence no need to evaluate those lectures that you did not attend.