Motivation system


Students giving feedback on obligatory subjects will be awarded a bonus that entitles them to a day earlier registration for exams. This means that they will be able to register for the exams not on the official date, but on day earlier at their next active semester.

No feedback is necessary for elective and facultative subjects, lectures or exams to be awarded a bonus.


Those, who go on passive the following semester, are still advised to give feedback as their bonus will be available in the following active semester.


„Freshmen’s” questionnaire is special survey for those who just started their studies at our University (freshmen, newly admitted students from other universities, Erasmus students). They can achieve the bonus filling out this questionnaire, which is available for two weeks in the first half of every semester.
This does not belong to the responsibilities of the Feedback Committee, but to Students’ Services. Should you have any queries, please contact them.