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associate professor

Heart Institute

Telefon: *0617, 34624

Supervisor of the following TDK topics

Supervisor: FALUDI, Réka

In addition to the classical, widespreadly used echocardiographic methods more new, special techniques (tissue Doppler imaging, strain, strain rate) have been developed. Systolic or diastolic functions of both the left and right ventricles as well as the atria are investigated by applying these new techniques in some special diseases (systemic sclerosis, COPD, restrictive cardiomyopathy, etc.) complicated by heart failure. In addition to the echocardiographic methods, serum levels of some biomarkers (e.g. NT-proBNP, galectin-3, VEGF) as well as estimation of the functional capacity (6 minute walk test, cardiopulmonary exercise test) are also used.