Catastrophe Day on September 24

19 September 2022

A very exciting program awaits the students of the Medical School on September 24. The student organisations of the faculty will meet for the first time to organise a Catastrophe Day for all medical students to help them practice on simulated cases.

The students will have the opportunity to experience the “students teaching students” method, and to take part in a small group simulation-based training. What the “catastrophe” will be will only be revealed on location, helped by “student actors’ who will display various injuries for their peers.

As dr. Szilárd Rendeki assistant professor, director of the Medical Skills Education and Innovation Centre has explained, the organisation of the Catastrophe Day was initiated by the international student body based on international examples. The program happens annually on many Western universities, during which medical students can try themselves in treating mass injuries and implementing several life-saving medical procedures.

The goal of the event is acquiring complex knowledge that makes students able to solve special operational situations. The stations will be set up on a rotation, where students can learn how to stem life-threatening bleeding with prehospital methods, and transportation methods for injured patients will also be demonstrated.

“The professional tendency in Europe is teaching operational healthcare skills, but the gradual medical educational material only contains this partially. The goal of the current training is to develop simple and complex manual activities, technical skills, aside from forming new views, group work and learning problem-oriented behaviour” – says dr. Szilárd Rendeki, adding that the Medical Skills Education and Innovation Centre will support all rational student propositions in the future as well.

Location: Szigeti street 12, aula of the old main building of the Medical School.

Date: September 24, 09:00-16:30

The language of the event is English.


  • English-German Student Council (EGSC),
  • Surgical Society,
  • MediSkillLab,
  • Emergency Society,
  • Hungarian Student Council.

Details of the event are available here: