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Endoscopic Surgery of the Nasal Cavities and Paranasal Sinuses

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Official data in SubjectManager for the following academic year: 2019-2020

Course director

Dr. Imre GERLINGER (,, professor

Department of Oto-rhino-laryngology

Subject data

Code of subject: OAE-OES-T  |  1 credit  |  General Medicine |  Elective module  |  autumn

Prerequisites: -

Number of hours/semester

8 lectures + 2 practices + 2 seminars = total of 12 hours

Course headcount limitations

min. 2 – max. 30 person


The aim this course is to show the technical aspects of functional endoscopic sinus surgery, the anatomical and pathophysiological changes of sino nasal diseases with cadaver practise and video demonstrations.


  • 1. Pathophysiology and classification of chronic rhinosinusitis - Dr. Gerlinger Imre
  • 2. Anatomy and development of the sinuses - Dr. Gerlinger Imre
  • 3. Anamnestic data, patient selection, medical treatment, indication of endoscopic sinus surgery. Who is not proper candidate for surgery? - Dr. Gerlinger Imre
  • 4. Role of CT in diagnosis, preoperative checklist, CT/MR differential issues - Dr. Gerlinger Imre
  • 5. Role of nasal endoscopy in out-patient practice (presentation of nasal endoscopy) - Dr. Gerlinger Imre
  • 6. Step-by-step guidance of endoscopic sinus surgery, Videodemonstration of endoscopic procedures, Application of lasers in rhinosurgery - Dr. Gerlinger Imre
  • 7. Anaesthesia, instrumentation, computer guided surgery, postoperative management,Diagnosis and treatment of facial pain. Mild and serious complications of endoscopic sinus surgery - Dr. Gerlinger Imre
  • 8. Further endoscopic operations in rhinosurgery: DCR, ligation of the sphenopalatine artery, frontal sinus surgery, orbital decompression, decompression of the optic nerve, invert papilloma, choanal atresia, scull base surgery, Management of bleeding in endoscopic sinus surgery - Dr. Gerlinger Imre


  • 1. Tips and tricks in endoscopic sinus surgery
  • 2. Anatomyical landmarks in endoscopic sinus surgery


  • 1. CT and MR analisis in endoscopic sinus surgery
  • 2. Facial pain

Reading material

Obligatory literature

Literature developed by the Department


Simmens -Jones: Endoscopic Sinus Surgery, Thieme

Recommended literature

Conditions for acceptance of the semester

Absent from seminar shold be made up

Mid-term exams

No possibility

Making up for missed classes

consultation with instructor

Exam topics/questions


Instructor / tutor of practices and seminars

  • Dr. Gerlinger Imre