Psychiatry and Art


Official data in SubjectManager for the following academic year: 2022-2023

Course director

  • Dr. Tamás TÉNYI

    Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy

Number of hours/semester

lectures: 12 hours

practices: 0 hours

seminars: 0 hours

total of: 12 hours

Subject data

  • Code of subject: OSF-MUV-T
  • 1 kredit
  • Dentistry
  • Optional modul
  • both semesters


Course headcount limitations

min. 3 – max. 20


The subject deals with the psychopathology of expression and art therapy. The psychoanalysis of art is introduced and philosophical issues are integrated.


  • 1. Psychopathology of art I - Dr. Tényi Tamás
  • 2. Psychopathology of art II - Dr. Tényi Tamás
  • 3. Psychopathology of art III - Dr. Tényi Tamás
  • 4. Psychology of creativity I - Dr. Tényi Tamás
  • 5. Psychology of creativity II - Dr. Tényi Tamás
  • 6. Poetry of psychotics - Dr. Tényi Tamás
  • 7. Van Gogh - Dr. Tényi Tamás
  • 8. Art therapy I - Dr. Tényi Tamás
  • 9. Art therapy II - Dr. Tényi Tamás
  • 10. Music therapy I - Dr. Tényi Tamás
  • 11. Music therapy II - Dr. Tényi Tamás
  • 12. Summary - Dr. Tényi Tamás



Reading material

Obligatory literature

Literature developed by the Department


Recommended literature

Jakab I : Pictorial Expression in Psychiatry, Akadémia Kiadó, Bp.

Conditions for acceptance of the semester

According to the Code of Studies and Examinations

Mid-term exams

TVSZ szerint

Making up for missed classes

According to the Code of Studies and Examinations

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