Neonatal Care in the Delivery Room (Adaptation)


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total of: 12 hours

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  • Code of subject: OAE-UEA-T
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  • General Medicine
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  • spring

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min. 5 – max. 25


As a result of establishing Perinatal Intensive Care Centers, the possibility of studying physiological changes in the perinatal period became a reality within one institute. The investigation of neonatal adaptation has been an important scientific field at our department for decades. We detected basic physiologic and pathophysiologic changes with regard to the prevention of respiratory distress and hormonal influence on renal function. We investigated the effect of delivery mode on the transition from fetus to newborn. This practice-oriented course provides the possibility of studying delivery room management as well as the complications of prematurity on the short-term adaptation and long-term consequences.


  • 1. Hormonal changes during delivery - Dr. Ertl Tibor
  • 2. Neonatal adaptation - Dr. Ertl Tibor
  • 3. Adaptation problems of preterm infants - Dr. Ertl Tibor
  • 4. Chronic diseases of preterm infants - Dr. Ertl Tibor
  • 5. Metabolic adaptation disorders in preterm infants - Dr. Ertl Tibor
  • 6. Perinatal infections - Dr. Ertl Tibor


  • 1. Neonatal assessment in the delivery room
  • 2. Transport of preterm infants
  • 3. Monitoring sick newborns
  • 4. Methods of breathing support in newborns
  • 5. Screening and treatment of complications of prematurity
  • 6. Habilitation of sick newborns


Reading material

Obligatory literature

Literature developed by the Department


Notes in the lectures and practicals.

Recommended literature

John P. Cloherty (ed.): Manual of Neonatal Care, 2008

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Maximum of absence 25% (=3 hours)

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There is no possibility to make up for the missed classes.

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Instructor / tutor of practices and seminars

  • Dr. Ertl Tibor