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As we wrote earlier, the Dean’s Office has been restructured, with groups, offices, and student service centres organized into departments. The leaders of the five departments are well-known colleagues who previously worked in other positions, and there is a new leader as well. The head of the Dean's Secretariat is a known colleague, Virág Kollár-Kasziba, who is also a management consultant at the Dean's Office and who has been working at the School since 13 June 2016.


Written by Rita Schweier


- What does this role as a leader mean in everyday life?

- I think the Secretariat has worked very well in the past, under the direction of the head of the Dean’s Office as well. My task in this new system is mainly to bring together and coordinate our major projects. Fortunately, everyone is aware of their daily tasks and does it completely independently, so there is no need to constantly monitor the work of my colleagues but they can turn to me anytime if they have a problem or have an innovative idea. I always try to entirely support the latter and help to the best of my ability because individual initiatives are very important, and they also show the commitment of my colleagues and their devotion for their work.

In addition to leadership tasks, my administrative duties have also remained, which I do not mind because I like this part too and this way I can stay a more integral part of the team than if I only performed leadership tasks.

- Are changes expected in the service and assistance of the students, teachers, staff, and clients of the School?

- No major changes are expected, we will continue our work of the same standard and, where possible, we will strive for improvement.

- Is this leadership role a challenge?

- Yes, mainly because now I am the leader of the people I have been working with as an administrator so far. This is also why I think it is good that my administrative tasks have remained because this way the change is not that sudden for them and for me either, and I also like to be involved in the work.

- Is the "ars poetica" of the Dean's Secretariat the same as the Dean's Office's mission statement?

- Absolutely, it is "coded" in us unwritten too. After a hard day or week, I tend to wonder how we can always continue with renewed strength. The answer probably lies in our strong sense of duty.