The lighting at the Medical School is improved with 250 desk lamps

13 April 2023

The study areas of both the old and new buildings of the Pécs Medical School are made more comfortable by 250 desk lamps. The Student Service Department of the Faculty started the procurement of the lamps based on student needs and feedback. The new lamps will be distributed across areas used by medical, dentistry and biotechnology students in the next few days.

The necessity of the lamp procurement was shown by the “Your opinion matters!” student satisfaction survey that is organised every year by the Student Service Department of the Pécs Medical School. So far, they have asked medical, dentistry and biotechnology students about their opinions about the Faculty and its infrastructure three times. The goal was using their answers and ideas to further the action plans of the Faculty strategy.

The last satisfaction survey with its results were published in 2022 Autumn showed that there were developments to be made in the study places, as they are not sufficiently lit. Therefore, the Student Service Department has acquired 250 energy-efficient LED desk lamps that will be put out on desks and in boxes used by students in the old and new buildings of the Medical School.

“Students spend a lot of time at the faculty, therefore it is essential that we do everything to make them feel comfortable, and to allow them to study effectively. After student feedback showed the need for the lamps, we have started their procurement at the request of our dean, dr. Miklós Nyitrai. The process has come to a close now with the arrival of the lamps. After we have added the faculty logo to them, we will distribute them in social areas” – said Laura Berta Csík, head of the Student Service Department.

She is hoping that the lamps will be welcomed by the students and that they will be taken care of. She added that in the next few months, they will try to gather feedback, and hopefully new lamps can be added in the future based on the reviews.