Satisfaction survey: more people would recommend the Pécs Medical School than last year

10 October 2022

More people would recommend the UP Medical School for higher education than last year, and medical training is still a huge challenge with much to learn – say the results of the latest faculty satisfaction survey, which received 725 replies from general medicine, dentistry and biotechnology students about education, atmosphere, faculty infrastructure and areas that need development. Most of the latter have already been touched on by the UPMS Student Service Department, taking steps toward the goals outlined by the survey: establishing more student study areas, increasing the number of desks and chairs, or improving the electricity supply of the aula.

We have conducted the “Your Opinion Matters Vol. 3.” survey for the third time this May, asking general medicine, dentistry and biotechnology students about their opinion of the faculty and faculty infrastructure – with the goal of incorporating their ideas and needs into the action plan connected to the faculty strategic plan. The online survey used a five-degree scale, where 5 meant total satisfaction and 1 meant that the student was not satisfied with the given area or service at all.

Most students think that the main appeal of the Pécs Medical School is the familial atmosphere, good mood, human-centric approach and good community and social life. They think that the education is of high quality, especially in the pre-clinical years, and we have also received positive feedback about the attitude and preparedness of educators. Another appealing factor is the international nature of the faculty and the fact that we have students from all over the world.

The negative feedback was based on the too heavy focus on theoretical education, the amount of study material and the high amount of stress on students. There is a need for truly small-group education, because students feel like they do not have proper access to patients in full groups. They also expressed a need for acquiring more practical skills in clinical education, but the administrative Booklet for Clinical Skills was highly criticized.

Regarding campus infrastructure and services, student catering options received particularly low scores in the 2021 survey. This has improved significantly with the opening of the Umami restaurant at the end of summer last year (compared to the 2021 survey, the rating has increased from 2.30 to 3.64 on a scale of 1-5). Umami’s services were also surveyed, and its results are already starting to be incorporated into the restaurant’s service. The survey results also show that Hungarian students think that the pricing suits international students more, and they would be happy to have lunch menus between 11:00 and 15:00 (currently, lunch menu is available from 11:00 to 14:30). Many students mentioned that there is a long waiting time during lunch hours, which makes eating more difficult, since standing in line cuts from eating time, and makes getting to the next class on time harder.

Even though we have increased the number of available desks and chairs with the help of the Student Service Department, students still think that the available study spaces are too limited, and there is a clear need for expansion. The number of chairs and desks still only received a 2.16 on the 1-5 scale. The study areas (average 2.66) and quality/comfort of study desks (average 2.71) also received low scores.

Our students are more satisfied with the Wi-Fi coverage (3.2  3.51), and the score of restrooms also increased (3.8  4.02), helped by the opening of new facilities in the new theoretical building. The renovation of restrooms is currently ongoing in the old main building, and we hope that upon completion, they will also gain the satisfaction of our students.

Based on earlier student feedback, we have also expanded the available electrical outlets in the aula with the help of the Student Service Department – this development was made possible based on the results of the survey, so the score (2.65) still reflects on the pre-expansion state.

The student satisfaction survey also asked students if they would recommend the University of Pécs Medical school to their friends, acquaintances and family members for further education. Compared to last year, where 66.4% of answers said yes, 74% of our students answered this question with “yes” in the 2022 survey, meaning they would recommend the faculty to their friends.

Some opinions about the faculty:

“Aside from being fully satisfied with the quality of education and the teachers, there are many colourful events and a close-knit community that makes the atmosphere really familial.” (Hungarian program student)

“The area is wonderful, the community is amazing, the education is outstanding.” (Hungarian program student)

“Those who cannot attend medical school in Germany and are thinking about going abroad, this is an amazing opportunity.” (German program student)

“The majority of the staff really cares about students and their opinion. The atmosphere is really friendly between students and professors as well. I love out university! ❤️” (English program student)

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