Demonstrator workshop organized by the Department of Languages for Biomedical Purposes and Communication

3 March 2023

On February 24th, the Department of Languages for Biomedical Purposes and Communication held their fourth demonstrator workshop, entitled “How to Become an Effective Demonstrator while Teaching Languages for Medical Purposes?”

The workshop allowed senior demonstrators and their mentors to share their experiences and techniques with all of those who have just begun, or are interested in pursuing demonstrator activities in the language department.

Held in English, the workshop was well received, and over 70 students from all three programs and 15 teachers of Languages for Medical Purposes attended.

Dr Gabriella Hild opened the event on behalf of the Language Department, followed by welcomes from Dr Tamás Andrea, president of the DDK, and the head of the department Dr Warta Vilmos.

An icebreaker, in the form of Jeopardy, was led by Pátri Olívia and Hatami Sepehr including topics such as medicine, movies, music, and Pécs. The senior demonstrators gave several captivating and enlightening presentations. First, Felföldi Luca, Varga Viktória, Huszár Emese, Irlanda Gáspár, and Levente Barton Blakney invited us to a debate on overcoming challenges in the Medical Hungarian classroom, where each team was given an opportunity to share their own ideas.

Next, we explored creative lesson planning with Farkas Vivien, Patai Kíra, Murányi Éva, Nochta András, and Németh Nóra. After a well-deserved coffee break, Mihály Veronika, Nagy Alexandra, Bodó Eszter, and Gerber Liza explained about several difficult situations encountered by demonstrators during Languages for Medical Purposes classes. Tanusha Baijnath, Nhat Phan Hoang Minh, Patrick Monteiro, Nick Alkhouri, and Kenny Huynh Nguyen revealed the secrets of being a successful demonstrator, and the importance of teamwork and organization.

Last, but not least Molnár Roxána, Brandon Beck, and Szabó Boróka discussed setting and reaching goals in Languages for Medical Purposes lessons for demonstrators and language teachers. The afternoon was wrapped up with pizza, and attendees were invited to mingle and discuss the events. Márton Zsombor and Furkan Yaslioglu moderated the proceedings.

Many concrete recommendations and ideas were offered, equipping us with techniques to approach the complex task of demonstrating. The importance of teamwork was frequently emphasised as it is an essential skill, not only in demonstrator activities but in the everyday life of a healthcare professional. As John C. Maxwell once said, “Teamwork makes the dream work!”

As can be seen from the feedback, it was a wonderful and very beneficial experience for the students and the mentors as well:

"It was great, I really enjoyed it!"

"Really nice! Can't wait for the next."

"Well organised, outstandlingly structured."

"I loved how interactive they made the presentations, loved the diversity."



Dávid Verébi (UP MS)