Registration, circulation

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Mihály Pekár Medical and Life Science Library

Registration, circulation

Lending/borrowing is available in the circulation room on the 3rd floor.

The library can be visited with a *valid library card* or dailyticket.
To get a library card, a verified identification is necessary. (with ID, Driving license, Passport, Residence permit) In addition for the registration the student card and a photo is needed. The library card is valid for 1 academic year.

Please renew your expired library card! Thank you!

Registration is free for students and employees of the University of Pécs, for students studying at other colleges or universities of the country it costs 1600 HUF.

Registration costs 3200 HUF for employees of other institutions, and 1600 HUF for pensioners, pedagogues, rentiers for a calendar year. Registration for half a year is 2200 HUF or 1200 HUF. ID has to be shown for registration and validation of the library card. Residence permit or passport is required from foreign students.

One can also get a so called yearly visitors card for 1000 HUF, but no documents can be checked out with that.

The lending period of a book is 1 month, except for professors as they may borrow the books for 3 months. Extension of lending time, 3*1 month maximum, may be asked on the phone during the opening hours. If the deadline is not expired and the book has not been booked, one can also do it through the Internet by clicking on "Patron data" of our catalogue.

Delay fee is 20 HUF/item/day-200 HUF/item/hour depending on the item.


10 books can be borrowed at the same time, and if they are not booked, they can be extended 2 times. Books from the reading-rooms are exceptions.

Warning: 150 HUF
New lending card: 350 HUF
Booking: 100 HUF