Student organizations

There are several student organisations at the Faculty and the University that support students in various ways during their time at the University.

UPMS Student Council (HÖK)

The Student Council is the most important student advocacy organisation which operates both at the Faculty (ÁOK HÖK) and on university level (EHÖK). Its main purpose is to make university life smoother including dormitory housing, studies and entertaining opportunities.

English-German Student Council (EGSC)

The student organisation which represents the interests of international students. They help students coming from different countries, in cooperation with HÖK.


The goal of our Faculty’s student newspaper is to present the daily life of the University and to provide its readers important information, interesting interviews and entertaining articles. They report on various social events, share students’ achievements and awards, and try to bring our teachers closer to the students through interviews. Some of their contents are published in English as well.

Your Life

YourLife@ÁOK is the health program of PTE ÁOK. Their main purpose is to help students feel even better, not only at the faculty, but also in everyday life as well. Those interested can participate in individual consultations, workshops, and programs (free of charge).

Peer Program

The program’s primary goal is to find the easiest way and the solutions for different problems in students’ lives. Peers include Hungarian, English and German students, as well as general medicine, dentistry and pharmacy students, whom you can turn to for help at any time.

Erasmus Student Network Pécs

Erasmus Student Network Pécs is a non-profit student organisation, established in 1999. Its goal is to promote international mobility at the University of Pécs as well as helping foreign students by providing information and organising fun activities so that spending some time together is no obstacle.

Association of Norwegian Students Abroad – Pécs

The ANSA Pécs provides the opportunity to participate in various events as well as helping to get to know and try out their personalised student insurance, which is given to Norwegian students that are studying abroad. The events play a big role in keeping the unity of the students’ community in Pécs. As a member it is possible to ask for social guidance or online consultation with a psychologist if needed. Their main goal is to provide a peaceful mind before, during and after students’ studies.

POTE Koreans

The Korean Medical Students' Association in Pécs tries to help its members to find an easier way to live at the University. By checking the uploaded stuff on Instagram you can find helpful information on housing in Pécs, renting a flat or even food delivery. Free time activities are also important so don’t forget to check those out as well. They also help you find the easiest way to get to Budapest or to practice your religion. Students who are interested can also attend photo contests or even national football competitions, so fun is guaranteed.

African-Caribbean Society Pécs

As a charitable organisation its main mission is to bring Africans and Caribbeans together who are studying at the University of Pécs.

Association of Norwegian Students Abroad – Students Help Students

ANSA SHS is a charitable organisation in Hungary led by Norwegian students. Their aim is to collect money for charity so that they can help poor children and adults living in the rural areas of Transylvania.


MedHum (Medisinstudentenes Humanitæraksjon l Medical Students’ Humanitarian Campaign) is Norway’s largest fundraising association, initiated by students.


AIESEC is the biggest students’ organisation in the world, which has been existing in Hungary since 1972. Since then, it has been working to improve young people’s personal, professional and leadership abilities with the help of international voluntary and internship programs.

Pécs Music Society

Pécs Music Society (PMS) is responsible for connecting both International and Hungarian students together who love music. This Society is the host of „Open Mic” evenings that are organised every second week during term time. This event is a wonderful opportunity for the musicians either if they are students of PTE or not, to show their talent or just have a good time.