Sports are for everyone, that’s why we wish to encourage everyone to keep active and take part in team building through team sports, for which many organisations at our Faculty provide opportunities.

Sports and Physical Education Center

The two main goals of the UPMS Sports and Physical Education Center are to provide curricular physical education and sport service for the medical students and to organise sport events for the employees and their families.

Medical Sports Association & Medical Cup

Our most important competition is the Medical Cup during which our students compete with the sportspeople of other medical universities in women’s and men’s handball, basketball, volleyball, water polo and men’s small pitch soccer.

POTE Cheerleaders

The official cheerleader team of the Medical School of the University of Pécs and is also the official team for the Medical Cup.

POTE Beerpong

Beerpong is a social-bonding, dexterity game which - as the name suggests - involves some beer so an awesome vibe by the final match is guaranteed. The championship is composed of 3 tournaments and after the summary, the top 3 teams are treated with special prizes.