SP Program

Welcome to the website of the Simulated Patient (SP) Programme of the Department of Languages for Biomedical Purposes and Communication.

The use of simulated patients in education offers a unique opportunity for students to practice patient interviewing and decision making associated with the medical profession in a safe learning environment without risking the patient's life.

The Simulated Patient (SP) Program, launched in 2019 at our school, is designed to meet the educational needs of students in three different teaching languages (English, German, Hungarian), with a focus on developing communication skills and practicing patient-centered communication. The SP project aims to practice and orient the teaching of history taking and eliciting patient information in preclinical and clinical medical language classes by using the simulation teaching method and involving bilingual or multilingual laypersons.

Who or what is an SP?

SP is an abbreviation for Simulated Patient.

A lay Simulated Patient is a person who pretends to be a patient (or relative) by simulating health problems to provide medical students or health professionals an opportunity for development and practice. At the end of the debriefing, SPs provide feedback in which they constructively assess the students' consultation skills.