Application information

Dear SP Applicant,

If you are interested in the Simulation Patient Program, please answer the questions below so we can map out what disease would be ideal for you.

There may be questions on the application form that are a little more personal. We need these so that we can write you a more personalised patient profile. The occupation and schedule is essential, because we need to find out how regularly you can participate in these lessons.

After you apply, we will contact you and invite you to an audition so we can get to know you better. In the following we will inform you about the participation in the program via e-mail.

By applying to the SP Program, you declare the following:

• I declare that I have provided real data when applying.

• I acknowledge and agree that my personal information is secure; they are requested for educational and contact purposes, used only by the SP Program organisers and administrators.

• You agree that images or videos of you may be made at any time within the framework of the SP Program for educational purposes, and may appear on official websites or official events.

• I declare that I will keep all SP Program information and simulated patient profiles confidential.

• I declare that I have no criminal record.