Second wave of COVID-vaccination ends on Sunday

Dear Students,

UP MS has been organising COVID vaccinations for Hungarian and international medical students with the assistance of the Clinical Centre since the middle of January; the project was implemented in two steps. In the first wave, 947 students signed up to get the vaccine; 1164 students filled the preliminary registration for the second wave. Although the COVID-19 vaccination campaign of healthcare workers ended at the end of January, the faculty still managed to get extra doses for our students who filled the preliminary interest form. We are organising vaccination for them from Tuesday to Sunday (February 16-21, 2021) in the Vaccination Centre of the Clinical Centre.

Eligible students who filled the preliminary interest form will be notified about the registration link via the email they signed up with. We would like to ask all students who filled to form to pay extra attention to their emails this week, since the registration links are only valid for a few hours. We would like to notify students that we will only send the registration link once, if you do not accept the opportunity, we will not be able to provide another vaccination date in the future.

During the organisation of the first two vaccination day we noticed that students are sharing the registration link, allowing students who did not sign up for the preliminary form to register, taking the opportunity from students who have been waiting for the vaccine for a long time, and even expressed their interest on the preliminary form until February 3.

We would like to ask all students who do not receive an email from the Hungarian Admissions and Student Service Office to NOT register at the links received from fellow students! We check every registration, and registrations made by students not on the preliminary lists will be deleted. However, we cannot give these places to other students, which means that every deleted registration takes the vaccination opportunity away from another medical student. Please keep this in mind, and be responsible in registering.

We would also like to ask everyone to only register ONCE, and if possible, do not change the date after registration. The Clinical Centre Vaccination Centre staff is working hard to handle all incoming emails, but unfounded modification and cancellation emails are a huge administrative burden. Cancelled appointments mean the loss of vaccination opportunities for other students here as well. If you would still like to cancel your appointment, please contact

The vaccination of UP MS students will close on February 21, 2021 Sunday; we will not be able to organise further vaccinations afterwards. Naturally, the administration of the second doses will continue as planned. The Student Service Offices are only handling the organisation of the first doses, please contact the Vaccination Centre with all other questions (modification, cancellation).

For (Hungarian) students who did not fill the preliminary interest form by the deadline or do not register for the dates this week (or do not get the first dose by February 21, 2021, Sunday) will only be able to get the vaccine in the public government campaign. For them, we suggest registering at Registration on this link is only available to students with a Hungarian TAJ number; we are unable to provide further vaccination opportunities for international students.

We would also remind students who already have taken the first dose of the vaccine to make sure to appear at their appointment at the Vaccination Centre for the second dose! The date for the second dose is written on the vaccination card handed out at the first vaccination, the Centre does not send out additional notifications. If you cannot appear at this date for any reason, please contact stating your name, EHA/Neptun code and the original date for the second appointment to organise a new date.

Please don’t forget to take the necessary consent forms with you, available for download here: Declarations for the COVID vaccine.

Please make sure to keep the vaccination card.

Thank you for your responsible cooperation.


Best Regards,

Staff of the Student Service Offices