Information about COVID vaccinations scheduled until March 13

10 March 2021

Dear Students,

we would like to remind all students whose second dose of the COVID vaccine is scheduled for this week, to appear at the CC Vaccination Centre at the date given at the first dose of vaccination (location: 7623 Pécs, Rét st 2, Rehabilitation Centre, ground floor).

Since the administration of emails on the CC Vaccination Centre address is slow due to the number of emails arriving (cancellations, modification requests), we would like to ask students who already cannot attend their previously scheduled appointment due to vis major, to visit the Vaccination Centre until Saturday to get their second dose of vaccines.

Don’t forget to take the vaccination card and necessary declarations with you, the latter available for download here (Declarations for COVID vaccination / Declaration of Consent / Epidemiological Declaration).

For students who are unable to get the second dose this week, we are as of yet unsure when the University can provide them with the second dose, or even if there will be a possibility for this.

We would like to notify everyone, that the UP MS Student Service Department only handled the organisation of the first dose of vaccinations, they cannot give further information regarding the second dose.

Best regards,

Staff of the Student Service Department