Information on students' academic benefits in the 2021 fall semester

11 December 2021

Dear Students,

As the exam period approaches, we would like to summarize those benefits for students, that the Faculty aims to provide during the epidemiological situation, to be able to successfully complete their semester and the exams.

In addition to the benefits already included in the Code of Studies and Examinations, the currently effective Dean’s Order no. 8/2021 (November 10) provides the facilitations, which are as follows:

1. During the 7 weeks of the exam period, students may organize their exams freely, there is no limitation in our Faculty regarding which exam they can take in which week, and there is no “post exam period”. Please note, that if possible, aim to schedule your exams for the first half of the exam period, which will help your fellow students and yourself too in case of any examination problems, illness or any other obstacles.

2. During the seven-week exam period, exams are announced in accordance with the following criteria:

a, Written exams: at least 6 exam chances are announced by the course directors instead of the usual 5.

b, Oral exams: The total number of exam chances must exceed twice the number of students enrolled in the subject, and at least two exam days are organized for each exam weeks by agreement with students. In addition, one exam is scheduled for the last two days of the exam period.

c, By agreement with students, it is also possible to announce exams for weekend days, holidays,  or in the evening period.

d, The course director may announce further exam dates.

3. Based on the regulations of the CSE until the second week of the exam period the course director can give permission for making up for the missed requirements during the semester or may provide bettering option.

4. In case the course director finds it reasonable, he / she may also provide an opportunity for consultation during the exam period for students involved in the epidemiological situation.

5. In particularly reasonable cases, the deadline for submitting the thesis may be extended with one week by the Vice-Dean for education, based on individual consideration. (Please note, that the finalization of the thesis work also requires the thorough work of the consultant, therefore the student’s work with the thesis should be completed in the period before Christmas, if possible.)

6. Exam absences due to quarantine or proven secondment work performed during the epidemiological protection shall not be considered as used exam chances. (Acceptable supporting documents: voluntary work contract, official secondment resolution, quarantine resolution).

7. Based on the statistics available during the 4th week of the exam period about secondments and exams, if necessary, the Dean’s leadership may consider ordering an extraordinary exam period. The decision on this will be made on the 5th exam week.

8. Student volunteer and secondment can be accepted as part of professional practices to the extent determined by the course director.

9. Students are recommended to complete their clinical professional practices in the clinics of undergraduate medical training and in their teaching hospitals in Hungary or abroad, however the accreditation rules regarding practice places will exceptionally be only recommended, it will not be obligatory to take them into consideration.

10. Clinical practices in the rotational year shall be performed based on the requirements included in the course descriptions. The duration of practices is calculated based on the number of hours determined by the course descriptions. On-call shifts, night - or weekend activities exceeding eight hours per day can also be accepted.

In case you have any further questions, feel free to contact your course directors, teachers and your administrative officer.


Best regards, Registrar’s Office