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Choose from 80 institutions in 38 countries!

Please note that selected scholarship holders who are from a non-EU country need to report their mobility period at the Immigration Office in Pécs!

The programs listed on this page are announced once a year, the documents below serve as referential until the next announcements are available. For more information about it please contact our office!

Erasmus for Outgoing Students


Frequently Asked Questions

Erasmus places for students 2018_2019

Good to know - Practical information of Erasmus+ places 


Information: Anett Tomózer, Faculty Erasmus coordinator,

2018/2019 Annual Erasmus+ Scholarship


6th year students can apply for both of the grants.

Study Application Notice and Guide-2018/2019

Traineeship Application Notice and Guide 2018/2019

Deadline for application is over.

Application Form 2018/2019- Please note that you have to apply online as well at !!!!

Click here for the step by step guide to do the application process! 

Click here if you are an applicant of the Faculty of Pharmacy/Medical School! 

Evaluation criteria 2018/2019

Evaluation form

German language test topics

International Exchange Programmes for Outgoing Students

Information on accredited practice places

According to the rules, the following departments of hospitals are considered to be accredited:

  • In the EU, Norway, Switzerland, the USA and Canada, the clinics of the state-accredited universities.
  • In the EU, Norway, Switzerland, the USA and Canada, the accredited teaching hospitals.
  • The list of foreign, EU teaching hospitals is available on the website of the Registrar's Office. 
  • Outside the EU, Norway, Switzerland, the USA and Canada only the hospitals accredited by the Hungarian Accreditation Committee (HAC or MAB) are to be accepted. The constantly updated list is available on the website of the Registrar’s Office 

International (Summer) Exchange Program places for medical students:

See the application notice and form for 2018 below:

Reannouncement of notice for practice places in Slovakia - MartinRomania - Cluj Napoca and Russia - Izhevsk 

New application notice 2018

Application form 2018

Application marking criteria 2018

Application deadline is over.

Other exchange possibilities (USA, Thailand)

NEW ANNOUNCEMENT for accredited final year clinical traineeship in the USA at Keck School of Medicine of the University of Southern California!

Application notice

Application form

Application deadline is over.

Senior Medical Student Program at Weill Medical College of Cornell University (USA)

Announcement 2018

Application form 

Application deadline is over.



For other possibilities visit:


Extended application deadline for 1 month clinical traineeship at Prince of Songkla University Medical School in Thailand for 4th, 5th and 6th -year students! 

Announcement 2018     Application form 2018

Application deadline is over.