You can find the list of optional and elective subjects (favourable to progressing in line with the recommended curriculum and supporting the completion of obligatory subjects) suggested by the Faculty for the General Medicine major HERE and for the Dentistry major HERE. The credit value, topics and prerequisites of these subjects are available in the course descriptions or in the course finder. The student can choose freely from the list of suggested elective and optional subjects depending on the available places. (IMPORTANT: in case the given elective or optional subject has a prerequisite it can be registered only if the student has already completed the prerequisite subject previously!)

For the sake of progressing in line with the recommended curriculum at a proper pace we suggest to register at least 30 credits (obligatory, elective and optionals) per semester. Students are allowed to register subjects for maximum 50 credit points in the Neptun ES per semester. Further credit points can be registered only with the help of the Registrar’s Office.

We would like to call your attention that the number of credits points you can gain by completing elective and optional subjects during your studies is not limited, you can exceed the number of credits specified in the programme completion and exit requirements without any payment obligation due to the extra credit points.


  • the curriculum shows how the subjects are built on each other
  • the curriculum also determines the order in which the subjects have to be completed
  • it recommends a certain progress schedule (completing subjects for cca. 30 credits per semester) and every semester belongs to a recommended semester
  • not following the recommended curriculum is not suggested, since those who progress in line with the recommended curriculum (according to the schedule) benefit from it eg. during the course registration
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