Depression and Suicide - Clinical and Research Approach


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Suicide is one of the human possibilities - death can be chosen, while the meaning of this choice is different. It appears to be a personal action, paradoxically, neurobiological and sociocultural factors play an important role in its etiology. Suicidal behaviour is a multiply determined act, but rarely occur outside a context of a psychiatric disorder. The stress–diathesis model of suicide and depression emphasizes both sides of the mind–body coin, the psychological and the biological. In the psychological aspect, past events may have sensitized individuals to see themselves as failures. The biological aspect implicates three biological systems: overactivity of the HPA axis, serotonergic and noradrenergic dysfunction. Mental illnesses, especially depressions are the most replicated predictors for suicides. The course reflects intention to approach and understand the phenomenon of suicide, its relation to depression, brain research, the treatment and prevention in a complex way.


  • 1. Suicide and depression-historical, cultural-clinical aspect - Dr. Fekete Sándor
  • 2. Suicide and depression-clinical aspect, comorbidity - Dr. Fekete Sándor
  • 3. Social-epidemiological results - Dr. Fekete Sándor
  • 4. Psychological approaches - Dr. Fekete Sándor
  • 5. Psychological approaches - Dr. Fekete Sándor
  • 6. Psychopathology-personality-temperament, psychobiology - Dr. Fekete Sándor
  • 7. Genetics-neurobiology - brain structural - functional changes, fMRI - Dr. Fekete Sándor
  • 8. Mental disorders and suicide, diagnosis - Dr. Fekete Sándor
  • 9. Mental disorders and suicide, diagnosis, fMRI results - Dr. Fekete Sándor
  • 10. Psychotherapy, prevention, Biological therapy - Dr. Fekete Sándor
  • 11. Pharmacotherapy and brain research data - Dr. Fekete Sándor
  • 12. Assisted suicide and euthanasia - Dr. Fekete Sándor



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Kaplan Sadock: Synopsis of Psychiatry, 2005
Fekete S., Osvath, P.: Suicide Studies - from Genetics to Psychiatry and Culture, 2005

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  • Dr. Osváth Péter
  • Dr. Vörös Viktor