Psychiatry 2


Offizielle Daten in der Fachveröffentlichung für das folgende akademische Jahr: 2022-2023


  • Dr. Tamás TÉNYI

    Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy


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  • Kode des Kurses: OAK-PS2-T
  • 3 kredit
  • General Medicine
  • Clinical modul
  • spring

OAK-PS1-T completed

Zahl der Kursteilnehmer für den Kurs:

min. 5 – max. 50


To acquire the knowledge and skills of clinical psychiatry in the general practice
- The essential psychopathological symptoms and syndromes
- The treatment of the ill patient?s emotional responses
- Psychological first aid and psychiatric emergencies in crisis and stress situations
- Exploration, evaluation of the psychiatric patients
- Biological and psychological therapeutic interventions
- Prevention and postvention of psychiatric disorders
- Psychiatric care and mentalhygienic activity in the general practice (Psychiatric interview in Hungarian)
Practices (first and second semesters)
- Psychiatric evaluation (interview, psychiatric history, mental status examination) /2 x 2 hrs/
- Anxiety disorders (amiety, phobias, obsessive compulsive disorder, panic disorder) /2 x 2 hrs/
- Conditions which mimic physical disease (somatisation disorders, conversion disorder, hypochondriasis, somatoform pain disorder) /2 x 2 hrs/
- Psychosomatic disorders /2 x 2 hrs/
- Psychosexual disorders/dysfunction and paraphilia /2 hrs/
- Observation, description and evaluation of the patients? behaviour


  • 1. Personality disorders - Dr. Tényi Tamás
  • 2. Bipolar disorders - Dr. Tényi Tamás
  • 3. Depressive disorders - Dr. Tényi Tamás
  • 4. Schizophrenia - Dr. Herold Róbert
  • 5. Delusional disorder and other psychotic disorders - Dr. Tényi Tamás
  • 6. Alcohol-related disorders - Dr. Fekete Sándor
  • 7. Substace use-related disorders. Gamling disorder - Dr. Fekete Sándor
  • 8. Major and minor neurocognitive disorders (dementia and other disorders) - Dr. Osváth Péter
  • 9. Intellectual disability - Dr. Tényi Tamás
  • 10. Child psychiatry - Dr. Tényi Tamás
  • 11. Perinatal psychiatry. Geriatric psychiatry. - Dr. Tényi Tamás
  • 12. Psychiatry and art - Dr. Tényi Tamás
  • 13. Rehabilitation and sociotherapies - Hamvas Edina
  • 14. Summary, questions - Dr. Tényi Tamás


  • 0. Delusional disorders II.
  • 0. Dementia III.
  • 0. Delusional disorders I.
  • 0. Biological therapies II.
  • 0. Organic psychiatric disorders IV.
  • 0. Affective disorders I.
  • 0. Affective disorders II.
  • 0. Affective disorders IV.
  • 0. Dementia I.
  • 0. Mental retardation II.
  • 0. Eating disorders II.
  • 0. Organic psychiatric disorders I.
  • 0. Dementia II.
  • 0. Mental retardation I.
  • 0. Biological therapies I.
  • 0. Dementia IV.
  • 0. Schizophrenia III.
  • 0. Eating disorders I.
  • 0. Alcohol related disorders I.
  • 0. Schizophrenia IV.
  • 0. Affective disorders III.
  • 0. Organic psychiatric disorders II.
  • 0. Schizophrneia II.
  • 0. Alcohol related disorders IV.
  • 0. Alcohol related disorders II.
  • 0. Alcohol related disorders III.
  • 0. Organic psychiatric disorders III.
  • 0. Schizophrenia I.


Materialien zum Aneignen des Lehrstoffes

Obligatorische Literatur

Vom Institut veröffentlichter Lehrstoff


Empfohlene Literatur

H. I. Kaplan, B. J. Sadock, Grebb: Synopsis of Psychiatry, 7th edition, Williams and Wilkins, Baltimore, 1994

Voraussetzung zum Absolvieren des Semesters

According to the Code of Studies and Examinations


According to the Code of Studies and Examinations

Möglichkeiten zur Nachholung der Fehlzeiten

According to the Code of Studies and Examinations


II. semester
1. Delusive, schizoid and schizotyp personality disorders
The examination of cognition
2. Narcissistic, borderline, hystrionic and antisocial personality disorders
Acute and chronic drug-related mental disorders
3. Avoidant, dependent and obsessive personality disorders
The complex treatment of schizophrenia
4. Classification and etiology of mood disorders
The most important mental disorders in childhood
5. The symptomatology and treatment of depressive disorders
Cannabis and cocaine related mental disorders
6. The symptomatology and treatment of manic disorders
Classification and treatment of alcohol related mental disorders

7. Cyvclothymia and dysthymia
Diagnosis and treatment of pathological alcohol intoxication
8. Classification and symptoms of organic mental disorders
Non-pharmacological treatment of mood disorders (ECT, light-therapy, sleep-deprivation, TMS)
9. Mental disorders caused by organic brain injury (lobe syndromes)
ADHD and conduct disorders
10. Psychopathological symptoms caused by somatic and neurological disorders
Neurobiological background of psychopharmacological treatment
11. Depression and psychosis in elderly
Complex treatment of alcohol addiction
12. Classification, symptomatology and treatment of eating disorders
Complex treatment of alcohol withdrawal
13. Classification and etiology of mental retardation
Complex treatment of mood disorders
14. Antipsychotic medication -indication, effects and side-effects
Etiology, symptomatology and treatment of Korsakow syndrome
15. Antidepressants - indication, effects and side-effects
Group psychotherapy and self-helps groups in psychiatry
16. Agitated behaviour in elderly - etiology, symptomatology and treatment
Treatment of alcohol related hallucinations
17. Etiology, symptomatology and treatment of Alzheimer dementia
Complex treatment of bipolar disorder
18. Epidemiology and etiology of schizophrenia
Opiates related mental disorders
19. Classification and prognosis of schizophrenia
Biological and psychological factors of sedatives related addiction
20. Symptomatology and differential diagnosis of schizoaffective psychosis
Psychostimulant related mental disorders
21. Delusive disorders
Anxiolitics and sedatives in psychiatry
22. Etiology, symptomatology and treatment of vascular dementia
23. Classification and differential diagnosis of dementias
Types, effects and side-effects of psychopharmacons


  • Dr. Fekete Sándor
  • Dr. Hajnal András Sándor
  • Dr. Herold Róbert
  • Dr. Osváth Péter
  • Dr. Simon Mária
  • Dr. Tényi Tamás

Praktika, Seminarleiter/innen

  • Dr. Gáti Ágnes
  • Dr. Hajnal András Sándor
  • Dr. Herold Róbert
  • Dr. Kovács Attila
  • Dr. Osváth Péter
  • Dr. Simon Mária
  • Dr. Tényi Tamás
  • Dr. Vörös Viktor