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The Environment and the Environmental Monitoring Public Health Relevance

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Official data in SubjectManager for the following academic year: 2020-2021

Course director

Dr. Csaba VARGA (chemsafety@freemail.hu), professor

Department of Public Health Medicine

Subject data

Code of subject: OSF-KKN-T  |  2 credit  |  Dentistry |  Optional module  |  both semesters

Prerequisites: -

Number of hours/semester

24 lectures + 0 practices + 0 seminars = total of 24 hours

Course headcount limitations

min. 1 – max. 30 person

Available as Campus course for 30 student(s). Campus-faculties: GYTK


The main goal of this course is to familiarize the students with the environmental protection as an increasingly important science. The course intends to introducing the structure, composition of the most important environmental elements (water, soil, air..), and its threatening characteristics, furthermore introducing the global nature protection including its institutional background. The students will be familiarized with the environmental protection, and the role of environmental monitoring in public health.


  • 1. Conservation biology. - Dr. Varga Csaba
  • 2. Conservation medicine. - Dr. Varga Csaba
  • 3. Ecology I. - Dr. Varga Csaba
  • 4. Ecology II. - Dr. Varga Csaba
  • 5. Background, missions and goals of IUCN. - Bérczi Bálint Dániel
  • 6. International environmental agreements. - Bérczi Bálint Dániel
  • 7. The structure of atmosphere. Physical and chemical compounds. - Bérczi Bálint Dániel
  • 8. Natural atmospheric processes, which play an important role in the development of air pollution. - Bérczi Bálint Dániel
  • 9. The key concepts of air pollution. - Bérczi Bálint Dániel
  • 10. The distribution of pollutants. Air pollution measurements. - Bérczi Bálint Dániel
  • 11. Soil structure, soil types. - Bérczi Bálint Dániel
  • 12. The forms of soil pollution and their troubleshooting possibilities. Soil protection. - Bérczi Bálint Dániel
  • 13. Waterchemistry I. - Dr. Varga Csaba
  • 14. Waterchemistry II. - Dr. Varga Csaba
  • 15. The qualitative and quantitative composition of subsurface waters. - Dr. Varga Csaba
  • 16. Monitoring systems of subsurface waters. - Dr. Varga Csaba
  • 17. The qualitative and quantitative composition of surface waters. - Dr. Varga Csaba
  • 18. Monitoring systems of surface waters. The EU water frame directive. - Dr. Varga Csaba
  • 19. The connection between enviromental pollution and climate change I. - Bérczi Bálint Dániel
  • 20. The connection between enviromental pollution and climate change II. - Bérczi Bálint Dániel
  • 21. Global warming effects on biodiversity I. - Bérczi Bálint Dániel
  • 22. Global warming effects on biodiversity II. - Bérczi Bálint Dániel
  • 23. The usage possibilities of alternative energy resources (solar energy, biogas, wind energy..). - Bérczi Bálint Dániel
  • 24. The risk of alternative energy applications. - Bérczi Bálint Dániel



Reading material

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Literature developed by the Department



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Conditions for acceptance of the semester

Maximum of 15 % absence allowed

Mid-term exams

The conditions for accepting the semester is a personal ten minute-presentation or only writing a simple choice test on the last lecture (it depends on the students choice).

Absence of 2x2 hours is acceptable. Otherwise the semester cannot be accepted.

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