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Save Yourself! - Improtant Facts and Informations about Vaccines

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Official data in SubjectManager for the following academic year: 2020-2021

Course director

Dr. István Zoltán KISS (istvan.kiss@aok.pte.hu), professor

Department of Public Health Medicine

Subject data

Code of subject: OSF-VVV-T  |  1 credit  |  Dentistry |  Optional module  |  autumn

Prerequisites: -

Number of hours/semester

12 lectures + 0 practices + 0 seminars = total of 12 hours

Course headcount limitations

min. 1 – max. 20 person

Available as Campus course for 20 student(s). Campus-faculties: ÁOK GYTK


This course is dedicated to students who are interested in all aspects of vaccinology.
It is composed of 12 lectures presenting historical aspects of vaccines, practical informations about vaccines, vaccine safety, and the future challenges of vaccinology.


  • 1. Introduction: history of vaccination, national immunization programmes, importance of immunization programmes, technical aspects (vaccine storage and handlings) - Dr. Németh Katalin
  • 2. Impact of vaccination on disease epidemiology;, Eradication, elimination or control - Dr. Németh Katalin
  • 3. Vaccine-preventable diseases: diphteria, pertussis, tetanus, - Dr. Németh Katalin
  • 4. Vaccine-preventable diseases: tuberculosis, poliomyelitis, - Dr. Németh Katalin
  • 5. Vaccine-reventable diseases: morbilli, rubella, mumps - Dr. Németh Katalin
  • 6. Vaccine-preventable diseases: Varicella, Pneumococcus - Dr. Németh Katalin
  • 7. Vaccine-preventable diseases: Haemophylus influenzae B, HBV - Dr. Balogh Erika
  • 8. Travel Medicine and Vaccination - Dr. Balogh Erika
  • 9. Vaccines: Influenza, Meningococcus vaccine, Diarrhoeal diseases - Dr. Balogh Erika
  • 10. Occupational medicines and vaccination,; Adverse event following immunization (AEFI) - Dr. Balogh Erika
  • 11. Anti-vaccination movements (activity, global trends and communication) - Dr. Balogh Erika
  • 12. Future challenges: new vaccines (malaria, HIV, influenza etc.) Indications and contraindications for vaccines, vaccines for special groups (for pregnant women, for elderly etc.) - Dr. Németh Katalin



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