English Program Committee


The primary task of the English Program Committee is to follow and monitor the full admission process for the international applicants of the English Program General Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy programmes from application to enrolment. The executive body of the English Program Committee is the English Student Service Center that is responsible for the everyday implementation and fulfilment of the consequent operative tasks.

The English Program Committee supervises the entrance examinations. The language of the entrance exam is English; it consists of a written test and an oral interview. Topics of the entrance exam are as follows: English, motivational interview, Biology and Chemistry. The requirements of the professional subjects comply with the general high school requirements of the Hungarian education system. The examiners are appointed by the English Program Committee. Based on the entrance exam results the Committee proposes the admission, being entered on a waiting list or rejection of applicants. The Dean of the Medical School makes the final decision about admission resolution based on the proposal of the chairman of the English Program Committee.

The English Program Committee is responsible for editing and validating the English language content of brochures and other PR materials of the Medical School. The Committee also ensures the continuous contact with recruiting companies and support of their international representatives. The Committee supervises the Pécs-related professional training programmes at international locations (e.g. Oslo) and in Pécs, as well as summer preparatory courses and orientation days organised for prospective students.