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Course director

Number of hours/semester

lectures: 14 hours

practices: 14 hours

seminars: 0 hours

total of: 28 hours

Subject data

  • Code of subject: OAK-ONK-T
  • 2 kredit
  • General Medicine
  • Clinical modul
  • spring

OAP-PA2-T completed , OAP-SPR-T completed

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Course headcount limitations

min. 5


The main educational task of the subject: An introduction to the biological and clinical properties of tumors. The role of practicing physicians in the prevention of tumors, and during the treatment of the patients.
Short description of the course: The aetiology, and progression of tumors. The epidemiology, classification and identification of tumors. The current possible therapies (surgery, radio-, chemo-, hormone-, and immune therapy) and their success in the treatment of different types of tumors. The early and late complications of these therapies. Supportive and palliative treatment, the psychological support of patients.


  • 1. Statement of the Clinical Oncology - Dr. Mangel László Csaba
  • 2. Radiation Physics as Applied to Clinical Radiation Oncology - Dr. Sebestyén Zsolt
  • 3. Systemic treatment in oncology (László Torday Dr.) - Dr. Mangel László Csaba
  • 4. Colorectal Tumors - Dr. Karádi Oszkár
  • 5. Nervous System Tumors - Dr. Mangel László Csaba
  • 6. Breast Cancer - Dr. Boér Katalin
  • 7. Gynecologic Tumors - Dr. Bellyei Szabolcs
  • 8. Palliative Care, Cancer Pain Management - Dr. Csikós Ágnes Erika
  • 9. Urologic and Male Genital Cancer (Lajos Géczi Dr.) - Dr. Mangel László Csaba
  • 10. Upper Alimentary Tract Cancers (Harald-Robert Bruch Dr.) - Dr. Mangel László Csaba
  • 11. Tumors of Head and Neck - Dr. Boronkai Árpád
  • 12. Lung Cancer - Dr. Boronkai Árpád
  • 13. Soft tissue sarcomas (Zsolt Horváth Dr.) - Dr. Mangel László Csaba
  • 14. Skin Cancers and Melanoma Malignum (Dr. Lengyel Zsuzsanna) - Dr. Mangel László Csaba


  • 1. Decision making in the practice of oncology
  • 2. Chemo,-hormonal, -immune, -biological treatments
  • 3. The equipment used in radiation oncology
  • 4. Treatment planning systems
  • 5. Breast cancer in practice
  • 6. Oncologies emergencies
  • 7. Urologic cancers in practice
  • 8. Gynecological cancer in practice
  • 9. Nervous system cancer in practice
  • 10. Alimentary tract cancer in practice
  • 11. Head and neck cancer
  • 12. Cancer pain management, palliative care
  • 13. Psychooncology
  • 14. Lung Cancer


Reading material

Obligatory literature

Literature developed by the Department


Rubin: Clinical Oncology. A Multidisciplinary Approach for Physicians and Students, 8th ed., 2001, WB Saunders Co, ISBN 0-7216-7496-8
The material of lectures and practice

Recommended literature

Conditions for acceptance of the semester

Maximum of 25 % absence allowed

Mid-term exams


Making up for missed classes

The make-up practice needs to be completed in a different topic.

Exam topics/questions

Type of exam 1: written
Type of retake-exam: written
1. The basis principals of tumor biology
2. Principles of surgical oncology
3. Radiation physics
4. The equipment used in radiation oncology
5. Treatment planning, radiation protection
6. Basic concepts of chemotherapy
7. Basic concepts of hormone therapy
8. Biological treatment
9. Cancer pain management
10. Psycho oncology
11. Oncologic emergencies
12. Palliative care
13. Tumors of head and neck
14. Lung cancer
15. Breast Cancer
16. Cancer of the esophagus and the stomach
17. Cancer of the pancreas and the liver
18. Colorectal cancer
19. Skin cancer
20. Melanoma
21. Soft tissue sarcomas and bone tumors
22. Nervous system tumors
23. Gynecologic tumors
24. Urologic and male genital cancers


  • Dr. Bellyei Szabolcs
  • Dr. Boronkai Árpád
  • Dr. Mangel László Csaba

Instructor / tutor of practices and seminars

  • Dr. Bellyei Szabolcs
  • Dr. Boronkai Árpád
  • Dr. Karádi Oszkár
  • Dr. Lőcsei Zoltán
  • Dr. Mangel László Csaba
  • Dr. Sebestyén Zsolt